Great product!

What a great product. I am not much on reading instructions and when I got the chair, I opened the box took out the chair and instinctively set up the chair without any trouble (or direction) at all! The padding on the chair is egg crate type foam covered in a camo soft cloth. The legs are fully adjustable for any terrain. I folded the chair up so it could be carried on my back like a backpack. I carried it around off and on, all day long while hiking to my favorite squirrel hunting spots. It is so light you don’t even know its on your back after awhile. Then, to unfold it and sit on it is great. It is very ergonomically built so I felt great sitting in it. The neat thing is that you can straddle the chair sitting on it backwards and use the upper part of the chair for a gun rest! Awesome! This chair is great for hunting, fishing, and just plain old sitting around the campfire. I would never want to be without it on any outdoor trip! J.B.