Sitting Hawk Chair Mossy Oak Gear Spotlight

Brian Stephens | Ultimate Bowhunting TV As a deer hunter you know that two of the things that can ruin your hunt are getting winded and getting seen due to movement in tree or on the ground. If you turkey hunt, you know that your biggest… Read more

Lightweight and versatile …

The product is easy to use,lightweight and versatile I am on disability, broke my neck twice so comfort is very important to me. Being able to adjust the chair so my neck is in the least effected position is perfect, because that can change from one… Read more

Great product !

What a great product. I am not much on reading instructions and when I got the chair, I opened the box took out the chair and instinctively set up the chair without any trouble (or direction) at all! The padding on the chair is egg crate type… Read more

First a spring gobbler – Richard Simpson

I’ve had a great year with my chair. First a spring gobbler with my bow, now a 7pt buck with the rifle. Both kills made while sitting in my All Terrain Pack Chair. Nothing like comfort and good fortune… Read more

Missouri Spring Turkey Season – Richard Simpson

2011 Missouri Spring Turkey Season-May 6th~ 20lb bird, 10 1/4 inch beard, 2 yr old Nothing like sitting in a blind on a comfortable chair until you set a bow show on a turkey. My stepfather Bill was sitting next to me in his chair mom bought… Read more


Adjusting Seat/Back Leg Tension: There are lock-nuts at every pivoting point that may need to be tightened. You want the tension to be tight enough that the legs (swinging side to side and back) and the seat will stay in place when moved to any… Read more

Jim Miller Review

“I’ve hunted out of Ground blinds since the 70′s of one sort or another and I have never been comfortable till I started hunting out of a SittingHawk chair. The best and most comfortable chair I have ever sit in!” “IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE BUY… Read more

Guru Huntress: It’s ‘blind love’ for the Original All-Terrain Pack Chair

April 28, 2010 by Nancy Jo Adams Two weeks ago, I turkey hunted out of a blind for the first time. We packed in early with a blind, two folding chairs, video camera and tripod, two decoys, a shotgun and two loaded vests – definitely not a free… Read more