Adjusting Seat/Back Leg Tension: There are lock-nuts at every pivoting point that may need to be tightened. You want the tension to be tight enough that the legs (swinging side to side and back) and the seat will stay in place when moved to any position. This will allow you to lean forward and have the legs stay in position and not fold up when sitting and the seat to stay up when packing.

When you get your chair we advise you to get familiar with it to benefit from all the features. Getting a comfortable seat is important and we suggest making the back legs even with the front legs for a good seat. Adjusting the legs and seat height to fit you will make your next hunt much more enjoyable. We also encourage you to practice backpacking your chair as illustrated on the instruction sheet.

EXTREME CONDITIONS ~We know there are concerns of sinking when hunting or fishing in mud, sand, gravel, etc. The angle and position of the front legs are designed to wedge into the ground and gain surface area as they go. Most of the weight is on the front legs and all the legs are set at an angle. This allows for minimal sinking. If you know mud will be an issue, just extend the legs out a couple of holes and let is sink in until it stops. Check out the picture under in our gallery under Extreme Conditions. This shows it in a spring fed bog that is muddy year around. He extended the legs and pushed it into the mud until it stopped. There are 5 holes in the front and 7 holes in the back. This gives you several height adjustment for mud, window heights in blinds, etc.